Ken Boardman and his bride, Lorna Drewry

When Lorna Drewry attended a bereavement counseling session in 2000 after the passing of her husband, she couldn’t have guessed what the future held for her.


It was at that session that she met Ken Boardman, who was also grieving the passing of his spouse. The two struck up a friendship and grew closer as the years passed, until they realized that something more than friendship was growing.


In early 2015, Boardman told his sweetheart, “We’ve been together for quite a while – I think it is time to get married.”


Drewry’s response?


"I agreed after I closed my mouth from the shock.”


With Drewry now a resident at Life Care Center of Ocala, Florida, Boardman asked if they could have their wedding in the facility’s gazebo, and the date was set for April 1. The planning then began in earnest.


“When we spoke to Lorna about it, she was excited about getting married but had no dress or any other ideas of what to do,” said Janice Myers, executive director. “We asked if she wanted help. When she said yes, the staff just jumped in. We pooled our decorations, contacts, talents and resources together.”


Associates found Drewry a lovely dress, decorated for the ceremony and signed a large signature picture frame to present to the bride and groom.


The big day arrived, and the small ceremony went off beautifully. True to tradition, Drewry did not let Boardman see her on her wedding day until she entered the ceremony.


“She looks so beautiful I can’t keep my eyes off her,” Boardman expressed.


“I feel like a princess,” Drewry said.


Darlene Burholz, a local notary and officiate, performed the ceremony. The couple said their vows, and soon they were husband and wife.


“I can’t believe what Life Care did, how this was all put together,” said Boardman. “You guys went above anything I could have ever expected. We had no way of putting anything together, and you truly made it special.”


Boardman visits his bride each day and looks forward to when she is ready to come home with him. 

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